Modern Masi/Tapa Wedding dresses

Some cultures have silk, Indians have saris but for Pacific Islanders we have Masi(Fijian) or the more renown name Tapa…..Made from the beaten Mulberry bark, this fabric not only clothed our ancestors it carry some of our rare
designs and it distinct each pacific Island countries. But nowadays masi are only use during a very important events like first born rituals or weddings and funerals. Now since you guys know how i am so into weddings and all its chiladas, i am going to talk touch on the different designs that has captured my attention.

The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa’s collections has this collection which is really lovely.

one thing I look for in an ideal wedding dress is the back of the gown, this is the part which will be in full glance by the audience…not that the front part is any less important…For this wedding gown, the flower and the magimagi (coconut husk fiber) is a nice touch

I went to the Fiji National Museum and i saw various collection of Masi wedding gown from Di Vuya Raratabu, she is one of the leading wedding gown designers in Fiji…. coming up with extraordinary designs….and her latest is the incorporation of the lace material into the gown, just remarkable….

and yes the back of the gown is anything but dull….The thing i love about Di Vuya designs is her famous magimagi and the shell binding…..its her signiture touch one can say….

yeah! right down to the last detail 🙂 although her rates are on the up side (according to the locals) but i am sure that it is most worth it……

Another local designer that is making it big is our favorite designer columnist Mrs. Rosie Semisi, one of her designs that really captured my attention is the inclusion of feathers in the gown….something  similar to the Polynesian origin.

the feathers add texture and i rockon it would become trendy with the future generation of trend setters……now, since Mrs. Semisi is Rotuman, we wold expect a more polynesian touch to her designs, but it equally delivers to her fans and clients.

But more and more designers are coming and they too will have their fareshare of modifying the masi material into something the local girls and some foreigners too….can wear and not lose track of the latest wedding designs, because after all,  thats what fashion is for…..turning a dull looking fabric into something that will turn heads… is more of a mutualistic relationship…..the tapa is not lost out through time, the bride celebrates her traditional wedding in style  while designers get filthy rich……. everyones happy! 🙂


~ by switlady on July 7, 2010.

51 Responses to “Modern Masi/Tapa Wedding dresses”

  1. I admire your work and these stunning looking Masi wedding dress.
    Where could I purchase one for the big day?

    • thank you so much sala…… well if u are willing to dig deeper into ur pocket then i would suggest Di’ Vuya Ratabua creation….you can email her throgh her facebook :
      but for a much cheaper ones there is a wide variety offered by a number of ladies in the Suva Flea Market….this would be advisable if you have your own pattern…..

  2. Hi there – Just wondering if you have any other designs or if we could design one together if possible?? If you could email me pics that would be great! I’m after a Sa tapa dress for my day but can’t seem to find much onilne..ta!

  3. Beautiful Dress! Great post thankyou! I forwarded it to my cousin. She is looking for a Tapa dress… I like the way she incorporates the traditional with a modern feel.

  4. gday how are you,hope ur doin great,i was just wondering if u have any more designs n fotos that i can look at please ?? i was also wondering do u have designs for bridesmaid dresses as well?? i would appreciate any information you might have n the price as well please.
    kind regards

    • well gud day to you too lucy…pliz be adviced that these are not my designs…but I would like to help you in choosing the best local designer.

  5. It is with great regret that to inform readers that Ms Di Vuya has currently closed her Tabuadrau Clothing designs…. But there are promising new local young designers and let us hope they will capture the future brides creativity and transform it into lovely award winning gowns….. and thank you once again for commenting

  6. This is s00000 LOVELy!! seriously! how much is it????

  7. Hi there.. We live oversease and was just wondering if any of you out there knows the web site or any person who designs tapa wedding dress. Our wedding is in October this year in Fiji. Please dont hesitate to contact me via email on this email address:

    • Hello,
      I have added your email to my contact and I will be sending you very soon the list of designers that can create a tapa wedding dress 🙂 Congratulation and I hope you will have a beautiful wedding.


  8. hi i am getting married in fiji october this year i am woundering if you no any websites or places in fiji i can get my tapa wedding dress made. my email thanks

  9. Bula

    I have randomly come across your page and think its amazing. I live in New Zealand and am getting married in a year or so and am wanting to incorporate my ‘Kiwi’ half with my Fijian half in my wedding dress. Would you be able to email me a list of designers I could get in touch with that could help me with this…It would be greatly appreciated.

    Vinaka Vaka Levu

    Rachel Senikaucava

    • Bula rachel:)

      I have sent you an email for the 3 designers…. they all have a different style but just take a look and let me know which one you have chosen and if you need some more designers 🙂


  10. hi!!my weddings in Dec 2012….im still looking for someone to design mi gown!!!kindly awaitin your response

  11. Hi there! I have been searching high and low for someone to design a tapa wedding dress. My wedding is October 2012. Could you please email me any designers you know of? Particularly in NZ?

    Love this post!!!

    thanks alot,

  12. Hi there,

    Sorry if this message is a duplicate.
    I too have come across your page randomly, on my search for a tapa wedding dress designer. I love what you have posted here.

    I live in NZ and am hoping to find someone to design my dress for our wedding in October 2012. Can you recommend anyone?

    Thanks alot,

  13. love the designs……..<3<3<3….u r so talented

  14. Luv this wedding costumed , so stunning an extraudnary…..looking to buy for my brothers wedding…

  15. Hi there,

    Gorgeous! Just was wondering if any designers do bridesmaid dresses? If so, if you don’t mind sending pictures also wedding dresses as well to my email.

    Thank you!

  16. Just love this wedding costume.anyway I’m really eager to know the price for the gown coz I need to buy one 4 my younger sister whose gonna be getting married this december

  17. hi love ur page can u email me list of designers that i can go to.

  18. hi cea
    im getting married in 2013 and would like you to send me wedding pictures if you could email it to me on if you dont mind. I would like to know your price and the designs.

  19. Bula vinaka, could you please send me different pictures of wedding dresses, that you have been designing, need to have a pick of which pattern to wear on my wedding in Jan 2013. vinakavakalevu.

  20. Bula vinaka
    My niece is getting married in October next year 2013 and she has asked me to look for a dress for her. The dresses displayed here are really lovely…Can you refer me to a designer who can design similar styles and their charges please. My email address is:
    Thank you so much and looking forward to hearing from you soon.

  21. Bula vinaka! like everybody here, I’m looking for someone to sew a masi wedding dress for me? Thanks so much for the page!!! My email:

  22. You’re so awesome! I don’t suppose I have read through anything like this before.
    So great to discover another person with original thoughts on this topic.
    Really.. thank you for starting this up. This website is
    something that is required on the internet, someone with some originality!

  23. was wondering if i could also get in touch wif some of the tapa gown designers…hoping they could do a quick one since the weddings next month nd i still cant figure out what dress i want…help

  24. Bula…im looking for a designer to sew my niece’s masi wedding dress…cud you kindly send me a name ….the wedding is to be on dec 2013

  25. Please could you email me contacts for these beautiful dresses … I plan to get married April in Fiji. Thanks

  26. How can we contact the designers or outlets that sell these masu design dresses.

  27. Hi, i love your wedding dress design esp the ones made from masi… wedding is on nxt month on May and would like to have the contact of one of your designers. pliz pliz pliz

  28. Bula!,
    My daughter is one of the pageant contestants at our village fundraising next month, August 14th 2014. I wish to her to wear a traditional tapa gown
    in a a dress form. I need to know whether this can be done and if possible be sent the designs suitable for such occasion and costs please. My email is

  29. hi there please can you tell me how i can mit you I’m getting married next year and plan if you can design my gown please….

  30. Hi Can i please have information on samoan dress designers or people who can design using tapa ? I have 6 bridesmaids ? My email address is:

  31. Hello i nid to make an order for big day which is in june

  32. hi…..can you send me pictures of wedding dresses and their price range….pliz…

  33. How can I order for this tapa wedding dress?

  34. How do I get a wedding dress like the 4th one please

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